Autumn Change

Autumn is probably my favourite season. For one, I love that I can now pull out my jumpers and wrap up warm. I’m feeling it’s time to paint on the red lipstick which never fails to make me feel like I can take on anything. And of course there is the glamorous array of heels to put me on top of the world. But most admirably, there’s a crisp kind of change in the air which opens the gateway to discovering oneself more freshly than the brightest of spring’s days. Already, the trees have begun to lose their leaves and return to the bare skeleton of what they are. Autumn is the best season for us to follow suit.

Like a tree, I believe it is time to shed my past leaves and ready myself to grow. I have felt a change coming for quite a few months and have finally committed myself to it (or so we shall see, I guess!) The idea of writing a blog has excited me for some time, especially now that I am writing my very first blog post!

‘Light Writes’ has been occurring in my head for a while now. It was one of those ideas where as soon as it popped into my head it just wouldn’t be dropped, but I’m not complaining. I have wanted to be an author ever since I was little. About a year ago, I started looking up guides to show what a story needs to be published and was quite shocked to see the rules on length. Although I love to write stories, they have never been very long! Personally I didn’t think it would matter so much, so was a bit disappointed that I would be judged on that before the quality. But hence came forth the idea of ‘Light Writes’ – which will also double as a pen name.

All I really have to say for now is thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and short ode to Autumn. I hope I may see you again once I have more posts to offer! For now, I hope you have a wonderful start to Autumn.

Yours faithfully,





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