Love of Stories

I am writing this blog post, mostly to explain the content which may start to appear and contradict some expectations. For a while, I had the view that a story is told through books and felt very guilty for not reading more of them. When I was younger I was a very quick reader and was happy to read lots of different titles and genres. Now, if I do pick up a book, it is usually something much loved that I have read many times before. I also tend to lean towards more of the horror / dark and twisted genre, my all-time favourites being Stephen King and Jeffery Deaver. More recently I have decided I do not at all feel guilty for not reading more books, because I am most definitely still experiencing story-telling.

It’s pretty safe to say my main source of entertainment these days is Netflix. There’s rarely a time when I am not following a series, which has surprised me as I am not a huge fan of television itself… Discretely that little loading button on the ‘continue watching’ screen is hypnotising us all! A couple of years back, before the time of Netflix, I would have felt very guilty for splurging on TV shows. Then there was one day, when a very series-crazy friend of mine, simply told me “it’s ok to just sit and watch”.

Since then I have adopted that “it’s ok” attitude and it’s all because I’ve accepted a book is not the only way to tell a story. When I watch a Netflix series, I am still learning about a character’s life, I am still offered insight and exposed to a different point of view. I can most definitely be as absorbed in a series as I can into a book!

There’s more forms than just Netflix too. Even down to the basics of, when we gossip we tell a story by word of mouth; “I think he is cool because…” “I think she needs to chill out because…” (I don’t socialise much, I don’t know if people talk like this, but you get my point I hope!)

 I know when we were younger and I used to sit at the kitchen table writing a story down on paper, my brother wanted to be able to do the same. He tried his best, but it just didn’t suit him. He couldn’t organise his thoughts on the page and was always unhappy at the finished piece. A few years ago, he discovered he had an extreme passion and talent for music – which does get very loud – but this is his way of telling a story, and I enjoy listening to him play just as much as I like to read a book or watch a Netflix series.

We write our own stories every day, whether literally or existentially. Many people believe our whole lives are a book, and different moments are different chapters. I believe our lives are a collection of stories, each one being just a fragment of our lives – not a whole book – we can end the story, move on and change as we please. But perhaps that is a separate post for the philosophy side of this blog.

I mentioned, I didn’t want anyone to be surprised at the content I begin to upload. That’s because I was thinking of writing some reviews and I would love to share what Netflix programmes I’m loving! I would also like to know what stories you would recommend, whether it’s a book, a Netflix series, a song, a poem, an interpretive dance…

On the other hand, my way of telling a story is to write it down on paper – or virtual paper. I do have a short story to share, which I will upload on Friday. You will realise why it suits when you see the title!

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