If you want to be happy, be!

Leo Tolstoy said If you want to be happy, be. Perhaps if you’re asking, be what? you have missed his point.

We live in a mind set of ‘I’ll be happy when‘, such as I’ll be happy when I get a new car, I’ll be happy once I have my dream job, I’ll be happy when I fall in love. However, this is often just an illusion. We eventually get used to our new found happiness, and then it doesn’t make us so happy anymore, as though we have become numb to the feeling. So we go back to the mind set, that tells us we will be happy with something else.

It’s doesn’t have to be physical things that make us happy. Some of us have the perception that we need to be beautiful, kind, smart, wealthy etc. to be happy. Comparing ourselves to others results in putting ourselves down. However, the comparison is often false and on many occasions we are only seeing the good side of someone. We forget that everybody has days where they don’t feel beautiful, or they are struggling to cope. The parts of our lives we share with others can be considered just a “highlight reel”.

I think what Leo Tolstoy is saying, is that happiness is a choice. It is not a gift, or earned. Simply, he is saying that we must choose to be happy. Though I use the word ‘simply’ very loosely!

It is not easy to see the best of every situation, nor constantly be optimistic. All we can do is try. Whenever I feel down, I try to remember that happiness is a journey, not a destination. In fact, one of my all time favourite methods I use to cheer me up is watching old home movies from when I was little. I guess that reminds me of how far I’ve come since I was first brought into the world. I taught myself to walk and talk. I made friends. I went through some heartbreak. Yet I still breathe, just as I did when I was born. Then I started writing and really found my life’s journey. Now instead of putting myself down, I’m proud of myself for stepping forward into the scary world of blogging. With every post I’m making, I choose to be happy. And I hope to make you all happy with me!

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