What makes me happy

Last Sunday I uploaded a philosophy post on Leo Tolstoy’s quote ‘If you want to be happy, be’. I thought I would continue with the happy theme and share a few things that I appreciate having and that make me happy in return…

 As I mentioned in my previous post, I love to watch old home movies and look through photographs. I’m so grateful that I can have all those lovely memories. When I am sad or annoyed or feel like the world is unfair, it’s comforting to reminisce on good times and realise I am blessed to have those. It’s also uplifting to see how far I have come from not even being able to walk, to writing blog posts for a small audience (ps. thank you for reading!).

Similarly, I also love fiction. Whether in the form of Netflix, a book or simply a conversation with a friend, I love getting lost in a good story! It’s perfect for when you need to disconnect from stressors, or just pretend you’re someone/somewhere else for a while. This is also how I like to get to know any character I create for my own stories – by spending “time with them”.

Coffee is what makes the world turn. It’s aromatic. It’s sexy. It’s good at the beginning, middle and end of the day. It goes with all things good: Cake, chocolate, sandwich, after a meal, cold weather, hot weather, snow and rain, happiness, sadness, watching Netflix, writing a blog post… and I really could go on! The spark in my step is fuelled by caffeine.

Baths and candles and all that smells good. I generally take baths rather than showers just because they’re so relaxing. Plus they make me feel cleaner because I have longer choosing all my products and scents. My favourite is Soap and Glory, and their fabulous packaging gives me something good to look at too. Candles just freshen the air and make me feel warm and cosy. For some reason they also make me feel really fancy like I just have time and money to have them. Does anyone else feel like that with candles?!

Being fabulous. OK, call me vain or something similar, but I love to dress up and wear my heels and strut about like everyone should know me. I genuinely believe this is something we should all do time to time. Personally, I hate failing and am really quite hard on myself sometimes and I wouldn’t be surprised if most people are. But honestly, the thing that gets me back up on my feet is just dressing up and going out (even just for a strut around town to get coffee – ooo and doughnuts that’s another good thing!). I lift my head, tell myself I’m fabulous and move on. Instant self confidence boost.


There’s so much more to be grateful for, but I just thought I’d share my timeless, at-hand sources of happiness. I’d also love to know what makes you all happy? You may make someone’ s day by sharing!

10 thoughts on “What makes me happy

  1. Im Happy More people are getting into blogging.
    YouTube has been taking over for the past few years and I see less and less people writing. Which is a shame .
    Anyway I’m just rambling 🙂


    1. Ramble away 🙂 It’s really great to see a community of bloggers and it’s so rewarding too. Although I can’t knock YouTube, I love watching (a little obsessively!) and was actually thinking of branching into it myself… But the blog will always come first I think!


        1. My absolute favourite YouTuber of all time is Bubz (from Bubzbeauty, Bubzvlogz and Bubbiosity) – I love her, she’s such an inspiration! I also watch some others really randomly. I go through phases of binge watching on channels… Do you watch anyone in particular? 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I went over to your blog and I love it, I’m definitely going to have a proper read through tomorrow. My about page is linked by one of the little stars at the bottom of the page… I really need to work on my blogs design – not quite how I’d like it yet. As far as being anonymous goes, I’m happy to be pretty open, there’s just some things that are definitely staying private for now! But feel free to ask any questions, of course.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I couldn’t see it for some reasons. I’m on mobile tho so maybe my app is fucking up.

        Picking a blog design / sticking with it / perfecting it is hard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed mine.. never satisfied 🙂

        And yes I totally understand. I was just being curious ! I really like your writing 🙂


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