5 Films for Halloween

I will take any excuse to watch a good horror film, but I know I can’t say the same for everyone! Here’s my list of films to watch on Halloween. I have tried to pick five different categories of Horror so there is something for everyone to try, and even if you don’t believe there’s a horror film out there for you – I dare you to try at least one!

Classic – The Exorcist is a must-watch for all horror fans. With a traditional plot of possession, the films centres on themes of religion, good and evil. It may have been a lot scarier to watch in 1973, but there is still a lot of shocking imagery to embower. Even if you only watch the film from an interest point of view, it should still be respected for its genre-defining aspects.


Relaxed Christine is one to try if you are not too keen on being scared. Originally written by Stephen King, the story is a psychological horror based on a haunted car that loves rock and roll music! The story follows Arnie, as he goes from being a nerdy teenager buying his first car to falling obsessively in love with it. Personally, I wouldn’t say the film is ultra scary, so this would be great as a relaxed horror to watch with friends.


Korean Horror – The Silenced falls under the Korean Horror genre, conventionally displaying the suffering of Joo-ran and her classmates, in a 1938 all-girls boarding school. Korean horrors generally portray the anguish of characters rather than being gory, however this film does have its moments. In my opinion, it is only the first half of the film that really feels like a horror. The second part becomes more of a mystery / action as the plot takes an unexpected turn. This may be why it has relatively low ratings on IMDB and Netflix and I would agree in saying I wouldn’t necessarily class this is a hardcore horror film! But overall, I did think it was worth watching if you wanted a taste of a different sub-genre.


Cult Horror – Despite the initial low reception, The Babadook  has steadily grown in popularity and can now be defined as a cult horror. I absolutely loved this film when I first saw it. It’s something different, leaving generic themes of blood, gore, ghosts, demons etc., focusing instead on internal fear such as, our feelings, health and memories. I’m going to leave it at that, as it may be better to watch this film with a blind perception – I know some people have said they were disappointed after seeing the trailer too – as this film can be interpreted differently by everyone!


Gore and Binge-worthy – The Saw Series (Just all of them as they get better as they go on!). Most people would view these films as a gore-fest and I can’t deny they often cause a twist in my stomach. But I beg to differ that they are nothing more. If you watch them all (seven in total) you are exposed to a well thought plot with many twists and turns. As I don’t scare too easily,  I am always looking for a good storyline to entertain me. Saw is one of the most in-depth I have found: Although I will admit, you have to be able to get past some squeamish scenes which they never seem to lose originality and creativity for!


What horror films would you recommend / are your favourite?

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