Life is fair

Some of us have participated in a two-minute silence today, in which most people agree is a time to reflect and be thankful for the life we have been given as a result of life being torn from others. There’s a pattern of thought that ran through my mind during the silence and I’ve actually thought about it a lot before. We’re all guilty of the complaint, that kind of enrages me now:


Life isn’t fair.


Here’s my thoughts on why it is utterly foolish to believe that:


People blame life for their problems as though they have no choice in what they say or do.

But if you hand someone a gun and they shoot someone, does that make you a murderer? The thing is, you don’t need a law or no guns to stop people shooting each other. People simply just need to stop shooting each other.


Alternately to an unfair life, you’d have a fair death. Perhaps there is no such thing as a fair death, but that would depend on what you believe. Is it better to feel some things than nothing at all?


Some people believe it’s not enough to just exist, but I disagree. Just to breathe is a miracle.


If you call someone ugly, it doesn’t make you prettier. If you call someone poor, it doesn’t make you richer.


If you say someone isn’t living, it doesn’t give you more life.


Besides, life built every opportunity and thing around us. Existence never hurt anyone.


Life is given fair and equal to all… it’s ourselves who decide how to use it.



Well they’re my thoughts, but what do you guys think? I’d love to know.


Goodnight everyone,


Light x


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