Ooops, I may have spent half my day playing a new game instead of writing a deep and insightful blog post…

At least where there’s experience there’s a story!

After today turned out to be a bit gloomy and rainy,

And I had heard this game was a bit of a challenge,

And escape games did used to be one of my favourites,

I decided to give it a go. The game, as the name suggests, is basically just you in a 2d prison, trying to escape with the tools you can find or buy from your inmates.

Naturally I’m addicted already. It’s a really challenging game which seems to have no solution and my inmates keep beating me up. No wonder I want to escape though eh. Four hours later I am unsuccessful, even though I’ve been kind of close. Maybe. I’m not sure how to get out still!

If you really like a challenge and are willing to trial and error, this would be a good game for you. It can get kind of irritating if you don’t have the patience for it! Overall I’ve been pretty relaxed and intrigued but it’s definitely going to be time consuming.

So if you will all excuse me, I will see you on the outside…

OH! And if you have played this game, do you know how to make a dummy to put in the bed for when you’re sneaking about because I can’t work it out?

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