Majestic Mince Pies

Hi everyone,


How is your weekend going so far?


I feel a little bad for not having uploaded last night. I don’t think anyone will have been waiting anxiously or expecting a post, but it has lost me my so far clean upload schedule. So I’m sorry anyway!


I pulled an extra shift last night which unfortunately meant I didn’t have the time to write and upload. There was no point in me rushing something because it wouldn’t have been good quality, I may even have hated it and felt bad for the people who had to read it!


But anyway, is anyone else really looking forward to Christmas already? Because I know I am.


This week my mum and I have just nipped to the shop twice, and come home with a few of these majestic mince pies each time…


 Isn’t it just beautiful? It tastes amazing too! Oh and if you’re wondering where the actual mince is, it’s thinly layered on each piece of pastry.

Somebody really needs to stop me buying more.


Since discovering this masterpiece, I have been really looking forward to the holidays.


A week off work.

Giving and sharing gifts.

Good food.

Good company.


I just can’t help it!


Anyway, I now need to edit a video for you – planning to upload tomorrow and quite excited about it!


Have a wonderful weekend guys,

Love Light x

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