Gilmore Girls

The following review was written live as I watched the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life for the first time:

FRIDAY MEANS GILMORE GIRLS DAY. I have been so excited for the Year in the Life episodes (uploaded to Netflix today). In all honesty, I only discovered this show a few months ago and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on! To think I only took a peek to see what the fuss was about… well worth it indeed.

 But regardless, I am so ready for this special. I thought it would be fun to give you a live review (with no spoilers of course), so I’ll keep popping back to this post to update you on how fabulous it’s going! 

 Ok, so here I go with my coffee and 6 hours ahead, let’s begin 🤓



I have just finished the first episode and it was just as fabulous as I had hoped! In true Gilmore style, the episode was emotional yet still sent my heart a flutter. It’s nice to see how everyone has moved on with their lives, but so far the authenticity of the show has not been lost. I don’t feel like I’m watching something that has dramatically changed in structure and feels fake although you can definitely tell the characters are ‘updated’. Naturally, the references are very modern too – I like this touch.

With one down, I’m just going to make a fresh coffee, and then be away with the next episode – How’s every one else enjoying it so far? I hope a lot!



Half way through and I’m still very happy! For many Gilmore episodes, I have found the storylines SUPER relatable and they always leave me questioning my own choices. That’s one thing I absolutely love about the programme and this episode just fit right into that expectation. Trouble is brewing and I’m hooked to find out what happens with Rory. Here I go, briskly into Summer…



Then again, Gilmore girls also focuses on the lighter side of life – those random episodes where the citizens of Stars Hollow simply just enjoy their quirks. This is the one. The one where we see just how awesome the classic personalities of the Gilmore girls are!

I’ve been following the #gilmoregirls on Instagram. I’m seeing the votes for Jess, Dean and Logan but no confrontation in the actual episodes! So just in case you were wondering, I’m completely neutral at the moment. Through the series I thought they were all assholes at some point…

The last part of this episode did pull at my heartstrings though. Thank goodness I don’t have to prolong this feeling waiting for the next episode.



What a final episode. My body has moulded to the shape of the chair – I may fall asleep here, I’ve forgotten how to walk normal. If something must end, this episode was the best way to do it. Everything you could hope from a Gilmore girls episode is packed in.

As usual, I don’t want to give too much away (plus, midnight, coffee wearing thin, eyelids dropping).

But, just quickly, on the final words:

I literally gasped.


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