Girl, Put your Records On

Hello everyone,

How are you feeling about December-eve? I would dare guess a little gloomy.

We’ve suddenly got very cold here, below zero, and that is definitely getting me ready to blog about Christmas. To be honest I could have started last week but I’ve spared you, no worries.

Although I refuse to sit here and type about ‘how rubbish this year has been’ and ‘what is the world coming to’, I will say it has gone by bloomin’ fast. I’m not enjoying the darkness as soon as I step out of work, and I can’t get to sleep.

Alas the dark and late nights are good for one thing – music. And most definitely some embarrassing dance moves.

I watch a lot of YouTube, so I have a lot of odd bits gathered in my recommended section. Who knows why I want to know 10 epic ways people have quit their jobs, or watch women try early 2000s makeup…?!

But every so often I do get a little gem pop up. Last night it was Corinne Bailey Rae’s ‘Girl put your records on.’ After listening for the first time in ages, I was reminded of something my uncle used to say, “Never go to bed angry or upset.” So for these gloomy winter nights, you will find me dancing the blues away.

Have a good evening everybody,

Love Light x

PS. It’s your turn to dance now…

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