Last night, I went to see Allied at the cinema. I had already seen the trailer and was quite looking forward to it. The story is set during World War II, about an English officer marrying a French Resistance fighter who later is accused of being a German spy.

From watching the trailer, I did expect the film to be more in the thriller genre than it turned out to be. In fact, I did think the film was slightly mundane in that there was never an effort to stir up dramatic emotions. Perhaps this just added to the never-ending feeling of the war, when it just started to feel normal to have blackouts.

Something I did find very intriguing about the film is how calm and happy the characters were portrayed during the fighting. One particular scene shows the English characters partying and watching a distant air raid as though it were a stage show. Having just looked at the ‘goofs’ section of IMDB (warning: there’s spoilers all over it!) nobody has mentioned this… When I imagine the blackouts, I imagine people in fear and distress, which is a very different picture to the one portrayed in Allied. At some points they don’t even turn the lights out!

Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the article or writer, but I’m sure I read piece of journalism in ‘Cupcakes and Kalashnikovs’ about the destruction and melancholy of a day following an air raid. So this scene just seemed odd to me and I’d love to learn why the director chose to display it that way – and whether it is an authentic representation.

Despite the majority of the film being mundane, the ending had me weeping. I won’t lie, I’m an absolute cry baby and rubbish when it comes to sad moments in films, but nevertheless, it was heartbreaking.

I also really did enjoy the storyline, even though I can’t think of much to say about the film. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to people who aren’t interested in the context of war, but if you are I don’t see any reason you wouldn’t enjoy it! Overall I just felt it was a relaxing view, maybe for a Sunday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Allied

  1. That’s an interesting review. I watched it without watching the trailer.
    I think that the war part was a bit inaccurate. As a French myself I was disappointed in Marion Cotillard role because I thought the love story was just missing something.
    Like they go through so much together but I just couldn’t feel sorry or attached at all to both of them.


    1. I’m glad you thought so too with the war parts! I honestly did still enjoy it but I would have no idea how to explain what it’s like to someone… it was just kind of monotone the whole way through!


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