Christmas gift ideas

You’ve probably seen a few of these by now… but what’s one more little piece of inspiration? Personally, I have already finished my Christmas shopping, but I hope I’m in time to share a little Christmas spirit on gift giving.

This year, I found it really difficult to buy for people. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist so I take quite a lot of time deciding on the perfect gift. For me, this year I found it easiest to think in themes. Here’s some examples that might help you too:


Sweet scents : A scented candle, miniature perfume or toiletries can be a really simple, yet affective gift for someone who likes to relax. Although these can be generic, I think they are more graciously received as homely and comforting – you can hardly go wrong. If you wanted to make the gift a little more interesting, you could fill your gift box with chocolate with the gift in the centre. A nice little surprise for your recipient!


Winter warmth : If your recipient loves winter and being cosy, I think they would really appreciate an accessory such as gloves or a hat to wrap up in. But if you think they have enough of these already, you can also get cute little water bottles which I think are quite a unique present to give. Perhaps instead of the usual sweets, it would be nice to give them a box or sachet of hot chocolate and marsh mellows as an alternative. Nothing says winter than a hot drink.


Personal : I think some of the best gifts are the personal ones. Obviously, the gift will depend on who you are buying for, but if you struggle to think of something, Not On The High Street have an amazing array of personalised gifts! I really like the personalised photo frames! Adding your own photo can really show someone you care and you had happy memories with them through the year.


So, who still has shopping to do and who’s finished already?

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