Sweater Weather

One of my favourite things about winter is wearing my array of sweaters, both old and new. I have seen a tag float around called ‘Sweater Weather’ and I thought it would be really appropriate for me. Unfortunately I didn’t realise these questions were about autumn/fall so I had saved the idea to be part of my Christmas posts. Ooopps. I have changed the questions slightly just to fit in with more of a winter and Christmas theme, but hopefully you enjoy reading through my answers anyway!


  1. Favourite candle scent?

I’m not picky with candles, but at the moment I have a honey scented one and that is just a dream.


  1. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Coffee for sure.


  1. What’s the best winter memory you have?

I have quite a few, but this one is from when I was in middle school: I don’t remember the year off the top of my head but it was the year we had heaps of snow – I remember trying to measure it with my 30cm ruler but the ruler wasn’t long enough! Behind my house are masses of fields and hills, so when the snow appeared, and we were given a day off school, a lot of my friends and neighbours all went to the steepest and widest hill to sleigh. Some people were even skiing, including my dad! I remember laughing a lot and I would love for it to happen again, but snow just doesn’t fall like that very often in England.


  1. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?

Both go great together and is something I would definitely wear! But only choosing one, it would have to be winged eyeliner.


  1. Best fragrance for fall?

Soap and Glory is the best all year round, but especially their “oaty” mixes for winter, like the ‘Whipped Clean’ wash.


  1. Favourite winter food?

I love all the traditional foods such as mince pies and Christmas cake, a turkey dinner and stolen with marzipan. I also love all the little nibbles and festive treats the shops suddenly pull out for Christmas! This is honestly the best time of the year for my awful eating habits.


  1. What is winter weather like where you live?

At the moment, the days are very dark and dreary. We haven’t had too much rain but the fog has been immense! It’s not too cold yet, we’re still above 0 degrees, but it usually drops after new year rather than this time.


  1. Most worn sweater?

This year, it’s my new jumper from Harper and Lewis, who I’ve only just discovered and they have some amazing jumpers. Mine’s an old style black, green and cream with a turtle neck and oversized sleeves which roll up. Here’s a picture:



  1. Must have nail polish for winter?

I’m a bit rubbish at nail care, but I think a pale pink / nudes are nice for this time of year, or for bolder looks you can’t go wrong with red.


  1. Hot chocolate in front of the fire or snowball fights?

Even though both are really fun, I would pick the cozy fire any day – but I would have a coffee and possibly some Netflix too!


  1. Skinny jeans or leggings?

I’m not a fan of either – I feel too squished in skinny jeans and too slobbish in leggings – but if I must choose, skinny jeans.


  1. Combat boots or uggs?

BOOTS, even in summer I love my boots because they make me feel fabulous.


  1. Are brussel sprouts worth the hype?

I’ve only had them once and I didn’t like them!


  1. Favourite winter TV show?

This year, it’s been Gavin and Stacey. The Christmas special is one of the best around!


  1. What song really gets you into the Christmas spirit?

Step into Christmas – Elton John. You can’t beat that when you’re dancing around your bedroom.


Now, I tag you! Let me know in the comments if you have done this tag so I can read your answers too.

Just one week to go until the big day!

Are you excited?

Lots of love,

Light x

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