Christmas telly

If I am really honest, I can admit that in the time between Christmas and New Year, I’m really looking forward to a good TV binge! Why is it that TV is just so much better at Christmas time?

So far this year, I have managed to watch the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special three times. I honestly think it is the best Christmas special ever, even for people who haven’t necessarily seen the two series that come before it. Although I have had the dialect trapped in my head for a couple weeks now and my impressions are less than impressive.

I’ve also watched a Miranda Christmas special and a Royle Family Christmas special.
To be honest, I wouldn’t say Miranda was one of my favourites. I just really fancied watching a Christmas special and my brother has the box set, so we stuck it on together. She isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but personally, I find the show quite relaxing. It’s also a lot better when you watch it with someone!
I try to watch one of the Royle Family Christmas specials every year (they’re usually on television) because my Nanny really enjoyed them. They are quite old fashioned now, but I still think they’re really funny and pretty relatable too. Although I won’t insult my family by saying which character reminds me of who!
I’m struggling a bit to find any old Christmas specials that I want to watch. If you have any suggestions please leave them below!
I haven’t managed to get my hands on a TV guide yet to see what’s coming up this year. I don’t watch TV any other time so I don’t see the adverts, but I know my Granny will have a copy of the guide because she still buys one every week and I always end up having a peek.
As far as films go I haven’t actually been bothered to watch any!
Home Alone is one of my favourites, but I want to wait until Christmas Day to watch it with my cousin. We have really fond memories of this film, because we watched it constantly when we were little. I remember on a holiday in Scotland we watched it twice a day for around six days. And if you’re wondering, yes we did also try to sleigh down the stairs like Macauley Culkin! Let me reassure you it is not as easy or graceful as he makes it look, but it is rather hilarious.
Elf will get dug up at some point because my mum loves it. No complaints from me though!
And I can’t forget the Big Fat Quiz of the Year too.

I realise a lot of these programmes / films are related to family which I’m really happy about. That’s what Christmas is for! Sometimes, until you sit down and think about these things you don’t realise how great they are.
And of course I’m grateful to my little blogging family this year too! If you didn’t believe I like telly before you definitely will now. Thanks so much for reading to the end and let me know what else I should be watching this Christmas below.


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