Overcoming writers block

Mastership / Reigniting your passion for writing

I’m sure you are all aware of the term ‘Writers Block’. Some people believe it doesn’t exist but I can guarantee nobody is  100% inspired all of the time. During these times the lack of creativity can get  depressing and even a bit scary. Am I the only one who has ever wondered if their thoughtful spark has gone forever?

I dare say, ideas can’t be built. Ideas are like snowdrops, they hide away somewhere deep and only blossom when they feel good and ready to do so. Although, a little watering and soil never bothered a snowdrop.

Once I had a very long spell of writers block – most noticeable for a year once I had left school – and even though I don’t attribute the reigniting of my passion all down to these little things, I still think they helped.

The first and (I would say) most obvious solution: delve into someone else’s creations. If you’re not creating, what more is there to do than enjoy somebody else’s creation? Remember that our beloved passion for writing, alas is not the only way of expression. There’s music, there’s video, there’s theatre, there’s video games; even for factual expression, there’s public centres and museums as well as the rainy day documentary.

Somehow I think people forget there is a difference between taking inspiration and copying. Don’t be afraid to explore an idea that has already existed if it helps you get started – plus, I’m sure the original creator would be flattered and you can always give them some credit!

Alternatively, we sometimes need to step out of our comfort zone. By this, I mean don’t just explore the genre you want to be a part of. Personally I’m a horror fan through and through, but I’m going to read this travel book and watch this K-drama because they’re going to teach me things I won’t find in a horror book.

Amongst the lull of inspiration I have one very important piece of advice to give you. Write down EVERY and ANY idea that comes to mind, even if they don’t link together. I carry a notebook around with me so I can write whenever, but even just leaving a note on your phone is a great help. By nature our brains like to make connections and with time you may find a narrative emerging. And I’m honest when I say every and anything – even if you just see someone who looks interesting and you want to take down their description for a character, go ahead they’ll never know.

Not everything you write must be a work of genius, so don’t worry while writing these notes if it’s incoherent or convoluted. As the saying goes: a story is not written, it’s rewritten.

Finally, once you have the winning idea, fall in love with it. You’ll know when this has happened because it will not leave the forefront of your mind, yet you’ll never get bored of it being there. It grows and grows unexplainably. And prepare yourself for a late night because once you start to get it down, you’ll realise you are going to struggle to stop!


I hope my first writing tip was enjoyable and useful to you! If you want to request any topics or have any questions, leave me a comment and I will see what I can do.

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