Russell Howard Live

Last Thursday (26th) I went to see Russell Howard’s “warm up-gig” for his upcoming Round the World tour. What I expected to be uploading tonight was a comment on his funny stories and how I could learn to incorporate humour into my own writing – which I often feel is quite serious and maybe that’s making my characters a bit monotonous… But I was pleasantly surprised to come away with so much more.

On a side note – does anyone else get so star struck that they automatically think ‘omg he’s real!’ when they see said famous person?! I’m not sure why my head thinks like that because I know he’s not just a man made of pixels, but seeing someone you recognise so easily in the flesh for the first time is just awesome to me! Anyway, no more distractions…

I do still think I learnt a little bit about humour. Even if I don’t suddenly become the next great comedy writer, he did teach me that it comes from developing personality – to me this is an important part of story writing, which I actually plan to talk about in another post very soon. But I’m inspired by the way Russell draws on his life’s experiences with no secrets and no shame. It’s forced me to reconsider how I think about my own characters lives. As I mentioned, they’re all quite serious and most have sad stories – but no one is made of just sad stories really. You can always find some goodness in the abyss.

Russell’s main approach and point to this show was inspiring people to see the humour even in the darkest of moments. How idols should not be those with perfect lives, but those who make others lives better.

One lady in the audience put her hand up to say she had spent two hours that day talking someone out of suicide. Russell’s response, ‘we need to know about more people like you, and less about Kim Kardashian!’ And well, who’s to say that’s a low blow when most of us won’t have thought of that lady’s job – that she commits herself to everyday – but most of us will have been on our Facebook, Instagrams, YouTubes, Twitters liking each other for our faces.

I think he offered a sense of reality that I’ve often wondered about, but never really thought possible. The world is a daunting place and everyone is so serious. Is it actually possible for some people not to be offended when they leave the house?!

I don’t want this post to become a rant, but I’m quite fed up with most of the world – and to be honest I’m not even someone who knows what’s going on!

Really I just want to say what a treasure Russell Howard is in this bleak moment. If I can only offer two words to describe his show, I would say truthful and hilarious. I cried with laughter all the way through.

So if you can go to his show, or if you can find any other piece of humour close to you, grab onto that moment and hold it with all your might – because life depends on it.

Thanks for reading everyone, much love to you all ❤

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