5 Blogging tips after 5 months

I have only been blogging for five months, but it hasn’t taken long for me to realise it is the most positive and welcoming social platform available. By nature it’s diverse and remains popular despite the rise of other social medias. What stands out most to me is the ease – when I say everyone could do it, I truly mean everyone.

Often I wish I’d realised how great it was a longer time ago, so I could have started earlier! I’m certain – though I can’t remember any – that I will have had lots of thoughts/ideas I would have liked to look back on: No matter how embarrassing! Because that’s the only reason I have for waiting. But I think a whole documentation of thoughts, fashion, diary entries, travel logs, decor, DIY (anything you can blog about) would be really cool regardless. Piece of advice #1 : start blogging right away!

Piece of advice #2 : don’t be afraid of having no content. This is something I panicked about a lot – to the point where I had a whole list of post ideas before I even got past the ‘sign up’ screen. A blog is personal and you shouldn’t feel like you’re uploading for other people. On the contrary to the belief that you need to upload a lot to remain current and popular, I know quite a few blogs that barely upload once a month and still get attention from viewers. Just do what makes you comfortable – I know I stress too much about getting my share of blog posts out there! Another popular belief is that blogs need a niche to become popular. Once again, I will happily disagree. Writing what you want will ultimately give your posts better quality. Allow yourself to change your mind – one day you may wake up and decide you don’t want to talk fashion anymore, that you’re exhausted of the subject and need a change. THAT’S OK. Blogging should be fun, not forced.

I mentioned the word ‘popular’ often in that last point… Ultimately and without lying it is a very good feeling to know people are reading and enjoying your blog. Still, piece of advice #3 : ignore your stats. I understand you may be trying to build a business, a portfolio or deliver an important message, but the worth of your writing is not judged on the value of numbers. Put it this way, if one person reads your blog and enjoys it, that’s much better than ten people who read and dislike it! Plus, this blog is for you. An enriching hobby of self love and discovery without the craving and stress for attention.

Back to where I said everyone can blog; it’s true. You may think blogging just means writing, but since starting myself, that thought has been contradicted for me. Piece of advice #4 : blogging is not just writing. I’ve seen many a blog that simply uploads photos, or quotes, or links to other blogs, or artwork. Blogging is like having an online journal, which you can fill with whatever you please! Even if you do write there’s no pressure to be an expert on it. You can have an individual style – which personally I think is more appealing and reflective of one’s personality.

Personality is important to a blog. If you don’t want to return, you won’t keep it up! Piece of advice #5 : make your blog a second home. Don’t be afraid to spend some – or a lot – of time picking your theme and customising. Blogging can bring your personality to light, as I said earlier – an enriching hobby of self love and discovery. Not sponsored, but definitely a bit bias, I do believe WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms available. We are definitely a community and there are many people who will willingly be there to help. One big happy and inspired family in our home of blogging.

If the thought has even crossed your mind, I urge you to start a blog now. Hopefully these five tips will help with your first steps. Please send me the link too – I’d love to see!I

5 thoughts on “5 Blogging tips after 5 months

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read! It’s important for bloggers to stick by each other – and it looks like your blog does just that! Really glad I found you as I can see you’ve posted a lot of articles that will be useful for me πŸ™‚


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