The Angsty Writer #2

Que sera sera. That’s very me. Regardless, I’ve never denied Andy Warhol’s words: ‘People think time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself’. Whatever will be will be can only be if you are willing to try making it happen. Only the result is que sera. Life merely comes down to 50/50 – what happens and what doesn’t. Depending on your perception you will focus on either one. You may even try to tip the scale but in the grand scheme of things – it’s 50/50. Remain or change. If this is how you choose to live, make sure this is how you’re prepared to die. That to me defines a moral.

And a view? How others perceive your morals and a high price for giving them away. Whether truly or falsely, the social platforms we have built for ourselves have given everyone a voice and I won’t fault it for this. No matter what, it’s a platform that has given me an opportunity to write. However far it goes, I’m grateful. But I can’t deny that seeing others so desperately scrimping for views gets to me.

I’ve been there too. I’ve felt the desperate urge for more views, trying to excuse the feeling as just wanting more people to see my work. Calling on my selfish side, I have to remind myself that I write for me and my happiness cannot – should not – be measured by a number. As long as what I’m writing coincides with my morals it is worth the effort.

The event that has stirred these thoughts, is the “Wall Street Journal vs Pewdiepie” debacle. I’ve thought a lot about it – I’m not sure I’m done thinking yet – but so far it has taught me all of the above about the scrape for views. And that I’m definitely not with those who thought views were more important than morals.


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