A trip to Waga’s


Today my brother and I went to Wagamama’s – a belated birthday present for him from me because we both love it.


I had the duck donburi which is amazing and my favourite thing I’ve had from their menu. My brother told me ‘Donburi’ is ‘rice bowl’ in Japanese. He’s self taught so I thought this was pretty impressive knowledge. Nothing against self-teaching, but it’s not as though I know if he gets something wrong!

 Recently I have indulged in Korean Drama Boys over Flowers (BOF) and Japanese reality-show Terrace House. I had wanted to watch BOF for such a long time – around 8 years – when they finally uploaded it to Netflix. Obviously I had to jump on the chance to see it!


It was so much better than I expected – and I had pretty high expectations to begin with. The style was very different to English or American drama (naturally). Whereas these dramas tend to be more serious, BOF took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Actually I got very emotionally attached… lots of smiling and lots of crying! Highly recommend for anyone who wants to see more/some Asian programmes – like me.

I wasn’t satisfied at the end of BOF – don’t get me wrong, it was a good ending! But not enough for me, so I moved onto Terrace House. They extended the season I am watching so I haven’t finished yet, but so far I am loving it. Compared to English “reality”, I can actually believe I am watching real life. The most interesting thing I’ve found  is the cultural differences even down to the presenters. Again, highly recommend.


I’m so glad my brother has chosen to explore this unique and wonderful culture! After Wagamama’s we went to a little shop that stock a tonne of manga, which my brother reads a lot of. I have watched some anime before – a few Studio Ghibli films and Deathnote (possibly one of the best programmes I have ever seen!) – and I really appreciate the artistic style. A manga titled ‘The Flowers of Evil’ caught my eye, so I picked it up and will hopefully give it a go tomorrow. Would you like to know how I get on? 🙂


Hope you all had a good day too, let me know about it below or on Instagram x

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