A Fabulous State of Mind

Here’s a life tip for you – live partly in your mind. It’s a place to hide your secrets, the only placfullsizerendere others can’t reach. Sometimes I get compliments that make me laugh (inside). Compliments such as ‘you’re so nice!’ but this is not correct to me. Though I refuse to say anything rude/hurtful to anyone, I can’t deny those kind of thoughts don’t come to my head. It’s difficult to tamper most thoughts so thankfully I have learnt to control my mouth.

The clear downside to this is that I have to think about everything before I speak – possibly the reason I don’t manage to get many words in edge ways. Although, as with most things, there is also an upside. In my mind I can express the traits people would view as “negative”. Recently, this has been my big-fullsizerender-copy-3headedness, which I have contrarily coined my fabulousness.

The ‘Fabulous Feeling’ developed in my teenage years when I was getting through my self-conscious bits. Simply, the idea was to raise my chin and strut those school halls like everybody should know me. More deeply it was the way I showed
myself I would be OK no matter what others thought of me. Part of me expected to grow into that person and no longer need the ‘technique’ – alas I am still putting myself in the mind set of fabulous to get me through life. It’s not just something that aids my aesthetic big-headedness anymore, but also my feelings – currently these are stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Every time I make a mistake at work : Oh well, at least I was fabulous while doing it.

fullsizerender-copy-2 So egotistical, but so effective.

So far it has not failed to make me feel better, although the increase of stress, fatigue and anxieties lately has caused me to need an extra boost of fabulousness. Precisely – these snaps on the left of my new denim jacket from my subconscious retail therapy. *sigh* At least I wanted one for ages. FYI: Urban Outiftters is the place for denim jackets.


Anyway I will stop with that form of “therapy” now – promise – and will continue just living fabulously in my mind. That’s (just one) secret of my mind out. Hopefully this may help you if you’re having a bad day. Has anyone else got any interesting fullsizerender-copymind techniques they use?

I’m also thinking of sharing another, more aggressive, one I have so let me know if you’d like to hear more!

3 thoughts on “A Fabulous State of Mind

  1. Hi love! I haven’t been posting on Instagram lately so I have been able.to see your gorgeous selfies but I’ve just watched your video whilst I was getting ready today.

    You made me so happy and It means the word to me to have someone as talented, sweet and smart as you recommend my blog to your viewers. ThAnks for making my entire weekend


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