Spring cleaning

When it comes to writing, spring is possibly the worst season of the year for me. With so much to do and so many distractions after spending winter cooped up, unfortunately it just gets pushed to the bottom of my list. In my limited time of blogging, this is the first spring I have encountered and for the first time in my journey I have seen a real lull in my creativity.

What I’ve always known about any passion, is that I can’t focus 100% if there’s something else to be done. This is why spring is so perfect. I pull out the same list every year – tidy room, get myself looking fabulous, make plans, decide where I want my writing to be at the end of the year, set aside time and get on with it!

As you can tell, I have been busy – finally – preparing for this year. At least this is what spring always feels like to me. It’s the time to declutter.

So I have been cleaning and organising like mad. Making plans and schedules for blog posts has been accomplished – yay! I’m slightly worried my creativity won’t uphold, but March does mean a new short story is due and it’s almost done – double yay!

For anyone else feeling their writing inspiration slipping, I wrote a post on writers block at the beginning of this year.  Here’s a cheeky plug ~ Over coming writers block.

I would urge anyone to take the time to declutter. I know some places in Asia have a specific day allocated to cleaning the house top to bottom – maybe a bit extreme but tidy desk/room/house = tidy mind. Besides, in England it is still raining ready for the world to be reborn, so what’s there better to do? No excuses now.

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