The Angsty Writer #3

A lesson from Negativity

I would say I only have one core, strong belief about the world – and that is balance. Every piece of matter has a counterpart, both playing an equal part of our lives. Fitting with this, and what has helped me to be more accepting of myself, is the idea that we must have flaws as well as perfections. Flaws are not an enemy, but a necessity to walking the path we are destined on.

Overwhelming as it can be, to know we are not perfect and our flaws are here to stay – I really do believe my flaws are what have lead me to writing and I can’t exactly fault them for that. Writing also helps me relieve my flaws into a fiction. Like I’m placing them in a book and keeping them on a shelf. Always there, but looking a bit prettier for the most part.

Despite reflecting my flaws and therefore coming across a bit – well – angsty, bitter, sad, anxious, writing for me has become like a gateway to a heaven where imperfection wears a halo. For that I can be grateful, no matter what.

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