A Long Aprils Day

I have very mistakenly expected the weather to be a bit warmer after last weekend brought glorious sunshine to the UK. Nevertheless I am preparing to showcase my Spring/summer outfits and am very excited about it too. I’ve been feeling very creative – Just looking for the perfect moment to create something worth sharing! Today has been one of those days that makes you really believe blogging is a perfectly suitable lifestyle.

With an early start under a clouded sky, I popped into the town I was born but don’t visit very often. I am not too familiar with everything and I walked because my car was in the garage. Deciding to vlog realistically, my first stop was to get coffee – ย a very’ springy’ cappuccino from McDonalds.

Not many people would think of McDonalds for coffee and I know it’s not the most luxurious, but it’s easy and value for money if you need a quick fix. Plus I always admire their amazing advertising skills and their recent coffee advert is no exception.

It was there that I began planning my blog posts for April. Sometimes it can be a difficult task in the moment, but it pays off. Perhaps about half the stress of blogging regularly is having content to upload and leaving it until the last minute isn’t fun. I definitely don’t believe blogging has to be serious, thought-out and articulated. But, if you fall as deeply and obsessively in love with it as I have and you want to upload on a schedule, you need to make sure you’re still having fun. Besides, I don’t think a piece of writing that is forced ever has the impact a piece written having fun does!

My Instagram obsession has led me to follow a lot of interior designers which is not good for my addiction. It did inspire me to try writing a blog post on interior design though – is that something you would want to see? Simply it will just consist of all the pictures I took on my journey around Dunelms store today. I got tonnes to share with you and I could have done a lot more but my camera wasn’t going to make it (battery wise)!

Currently, I am sitting and writing this blog post and only half the day has gone. I know I could do so much more with my little space(s) on the internet if I had all day everyday to work on it. Maybe that’s not a good excuse, but like I said, days / mornings like these remind me how much I could live this life. One day, it will be more than just a side joint and I’ll have to plunge feet first into the nitty gritty. I so look forward to it every second.

For the remainder of my day I will be doing more blog/vlog planning and organising pictures and film dates and writing of course – the writing is important. Although it’s not a lot, it’s everything to me. Even when I’m not physically on my blog, it is always on my mind.

OK, realise I’m rambling slightly for a ‘Light Write’. I am also going out later and have been vlogging all day so I guess if you want to know any more, you can watch that once it’s uploaded. Thanks for your continued support. I know we can build big dreams together โค

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