What’s in your head? ZOMBIE.

One traditional horror villain I’m not too keen on watching – not because they’re scary, but because I find them a little boring – is the Zombie. Hand me a comedy say, Shaun of the dead or Zombieland and I’ll happily give it a go with much enjoyment. But an actual horror? No thanks.

 My boyfriend on the other hand, is all over the Walking Dead. Films on Zombies are about the only horror he can watch – not because they’re boring, but because he finds them too scary! Last weekend he recommended we watch World War Z. Not the upmost horrific film available, but enough for me to say yes.

 I was pleasantly surprised, relieved even, that the storyline was a lot more thought out than ZOMBIES, RUN, SHOOT, GET TO THE SAFE ZONE. Clearly this is how all Zombie movies are…

 Instead the film is tense and thought provoking with an interesting solution. Of which I will not spoil of course.

 I know a lot of people – the real Zombie nerds – have a lot of feelings and ideas about Zombies. Even plans for when ‘it’ happens. Personally, I’ve never believed Zombies could be plausible however this film does take it very realistically… I’m just saying, if it were to happen, this is how I imagine it to be.

 Now I challenge you to try something new. Let me know what it was and whether you liked it. Spring is the perfect excuse, right?

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