Dreamer Interior

Most people would probably describe me as a dreamer. But what I think distinguishes myself from other dreamers, is that what I dream I do. As you may know, I would love to be an author and rather than just confining those dreams to my head, I am also using my hands to write. Take this blog for example! Another dream I look forward to is owning my own house and having all the control over decorating. Of course this is a little further in the future and the most I am doing now is to count my pennies. Nevertheless I cannot refuse a trip to any furniture or décor shop and often drive myself a little crazy with my love for… well… everything! At the beginning of April I took my camera and mooched around Dunelms for a couple hours. Honestly all the pictures I took are too pretty to not share, so here they are!

Of course, because it’s Spring there was a lot of floral patterns around. I’ve been a big fan of the light blue and little bird mix since I was a young teen so I was in my element!

I spent quite a bit of time with the bedding but still can’t decide whether I liked the yellow and grey, or blue themes better… Although the yellow and grey theme grows on me the more I think about it. I even found one set I loved so much, I bought it so we could have it in our spare room (as it wouldn’t suit mine!).

I have fallen head over heels with the combination between copper, marble and dusty pink.

 I’m not a big fan of the whole ‘put inspirational words on everything’ craze… but these pots speak the TRUTH and I thought the cups were cute. Can’t resist a cute lil’ cup! Once again in the yellow and grey colour scheme.

Of course, practical can be pretty too!

Another thing I’m not a huuuge fan of is having prints everywhere – I’m all about the personal family photos. But these could change my mind. I think the floral theme captivated me again!

Karma Treated myself to this lotus candle holder, just to ease my decorating cravings!

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