Closing April’s chapter

I think April was a bit of an odd month for my blog. Nothing really seems to have tied down recently and it has left me wondering what kind of blogger am I anyway?! A lot has definitely changed since I started – aside from the fact I still don’t really know what I’m doing… and I think this month has really made me realise just how many blogs are out there.

I joined BlogLovin’ which has exposed me to so many blogs I barely know what to read when. I find myself gravitating towards Lifestyle blogs which seems to be a wide spectrum of content with no particular definition. Guess I found where I fit!

 One thing I do know, is that reading always makes me feel better and I would LOVE to say my writing and videos return that favour to others. Tonight I have just finished editing this video on self-consciousness:

By the way my lips are all healed now! Perhaps I just needed to learn this lessons first.

Something I’ve been really trying to do this month is settle into routines just to give my brain a bit of peace. If you’ve kept up with my lovely ramblings then you’ll be glad to know everything (or most things) are getting better, such as sleep and the pressure to be creative. There’s been a lot of talk about becoming more ‘real’ on social media – unfortunately I don’t think that’s something I can do 100% yet. Trust goes both ways of course.

 Anyway, I am now moving on to edit my April vlog and aim to have that up tomorrow – Monday latest!

Hopefully May will be a month of relaxed posts, and with the changes in my content, a month of new opportunities and audiences.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I may not say it every post, but I do mean it. Your support really makes me smile!

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