Ruining life


Woah. I know that’s quite a big title when we are just starting May and eagerly awaiting flowers and sunshine and relaxation. But stay with me, because this story does have a positive point to bare.

It’s a post for anyone who feels abnormal: anyone who feels they make too many mistakes or the wrong decision has sentenced them to a life they would turn their back on. And for me, it started during one morning walk to school with a friend.

My friend was eager to tell me about a girl in school – another teenager I recognised the name of but didn’t actually know. Although teenage pregnancy is not exactly rare, it still seems to be something we don’t expect. Something we assume is not wanted by the young mother and closes the door on her growth, as my friend clearly stated with confidence: She has ruined her life.

Even then I knew this was ridiculous, but now having left the expected path by making a blog the largest part of my lifestyle, rather than a university education, and instead of finding ruin and struggle, I have only found happiness. Actually I would dare say I have also found peace. Truth being, there is no could have been, because there is only what is.

We may all be different people, but we are all standing in the same place.

Ultimately there is only one thing that will ruin our lives. That is death. And if we have to die, may we choose how to live.

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… In other news, I have been considering getting a twitter account for my blog. I don’t have a personal account, so I don’t really know how it works! Apparently it’s a real ‘blog-changer’ in being able to meet fellow bloggers / discover blogs etcetera though. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated in the comments ❤



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