Mental Health Awareness

As you will probably know by now, this week was mental health awareness week. I’m sure there has been many posts uploaded on this topic this week, let alone by all the people campaigning all year for better mental health. Light Writes began as a way for me to share my fictional writing with you all. I’m not too sure if anyone will have noticed the theme of mental health that runs through these pieces, as well as my consistency to have some sort of philosophical meaning to each post I create. (But if they have helped you in any way, I’m glad!)

Having good mental health is something that I hold close to my heart. To be honest when this week rolled round, I wasn’t certain whether I wanted to make a post addressing it; although this was mostly because I wasn’t certain of what I wanted to say. After some reading on the Mental Health Foundation website, and of course on other blogs, I learnt this year a different approach was being taken toward addressing mental health issues: Rather than ask why so many people are living with mental health problems, we will seek to uncover why too few of us are thriving with good mental health.

Although I have never been diagnosed with a mental health problem, this doesn’t necessarily mean I always have good mental health, and I know when my mind has drifted to a place I don’t particularly want to be. Instead of keeping these thoughts locked up inside and even if it’s the last thing I want to do, talking about it really helps. I promise you! If it’s more comfortable you can even talk to strangers anonymously – hey, that’s another great reason to blog! There are so many people who will be happy to talk to you, whether it be friends, family, peers, teachers, colleagues or bloggers (including me). Never believe you have to deal with anything by yourself. Nobody has ever gone through life without having help from someone at some point.

The thing I have always struggled with most is recovering from failure. Whenever I feel I have let myself or someone else down I am put into a mental state of hurt and that usually gets taken out on my self esteem. It can be difficult getting back to happiness and peace, especially when you know you can’t stop the feeling ever happening to you again, but you can be safe in the knowledge that there are silver linings – good days as well as bad.

I think the best you can do for someone who is suffering is just to be there no matter what – even the little things count. My mum suffers with fibromyalgia, (it was actually Fibromyalgia Awareness on Thursday too!) and I know she really appreciates anything anyone can do for her, even if it won’t literally take the pain away. Sometimes I really won’t want to do what she asks, (I know, I know, I’m a terrible person) but I always will because it’s going to have such a huge impact on her health.

*Sigh*. That was quite a lot to get off my chest and it feels good guys! – told you so! What gave me the idea for this post was my admiration for Jan-Di in Boys over Flowers: an amazing K-Drama that I’m currently re-watching because I love it so! She is always getting into trouble, but is so determined to fight for justice and bounce back each time. When I was having a bad day at work yesterday, I found myself really really wishing I had her courage. I felt much happier when I thought of her and subsequently this blog post (which thankfully cancelled out my feeling of uselessness).

Anyway, I wish you guys are taking good care of your mental health, not just for this week but all year round. Moving forward I would like to share more thoughts and raise awareness surrounding mental health. I certainly hope Light Writes, and all my socials as well as myself, can become a place people feel welcomed and happy. Expect to be RAMMED with heart to hearts!

I love you all so very much, thanks once again for chilling with me ❤

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