Outfit of the days

At the beginning of this year I decided I wouldn’t be buying any more clothes – but turns out that wasn’t really working for me! About three months ago I had what I’m calling my ‘clothes crisis’. Although I had a very large wardrobe, my clothes just weren’t giving me any satisfaction. I felt that I looked childish, unprofessional and in some cases a bit messy. For a while I’ve been reading a blog called A Small Wardrobe, which is all about minimising your lifestyle. Whereas I don’t think my wardrobe would completely count as minimalist, I have managed to cut down a lot of my clothes and decided to just keep pieces I really love and wear all the time. (I have a bad habit of getting attached to clothes and just wearing the same few things!)

A small wardrobe has some really great tips if you are thinking of doing the same – it’s one of the few blogs I make a point of reading every post, just because I enjoy the writing so much! I’m currently in a stage where I’m buying new clothes to replace the ones I’ve thrown out. Yes, I am basically buying more clothes in order to have less clothes. But I couldn’t throw everything out at once otherwise there’d be nothing! My other reason / *excuse* is my clothes need different functions as they did a couple years ago – which is when most of my old wardrobe was created.

As it’s something I really enjoy, I would love to share my “fashion” creations with you! Here’s an outfit video I made recently, as a starter:

I’m thinking I would like to make more of these…

Although I like to talk a lot about inner beauty and philosophy, I do believe it’s equally as important to feel good on the outside. If you’d like to see, I’m still quite proud of this post: My Outer Skin.

One day, I would love to have shared my whole wardrobe with you! But for now, I will leave you on this quick lil’ post and talk to you again soon.


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