The WORD on Brighton Dining

As mentioned in my last post, when I was in Brighton I ate a LOT of food at some really great places! It’s no secret that I lurve food, and even though this isn’t my usual genre of posting – my blog is all about my personal style (of life I guess!). If you were desperate to learn something from this post about writing; it would be to remain adventurous. Try new things! But, for those of you who just popped by to see some pictures of amazing food, please continue reading:


The Breakfast Club – CHILLED

When we went to the Breakfast Club, it was between half nine and ten in the morning. Jake and I agreed we had made it just in time. Before long, they were advising a thirty minute wait and curating a large waiting list. This was before we had our food and seeing the popularity of the place was very easing to our rumbling stomachs.


After the (just under) three hour drive, I was extremely ready for coffee. I was not disappointed and clearly they had taken the time to make it ‘instagrammable’ – this is very high praise! – and I appreciated their care for the drink I hold dear.


The menu is purely American. Both Jake and I went for pancakes. Mine came with maple syrup, egg, a vegetarian sausage, mushrooms and potatoes. Everything was absolutely delicious but super filling. I couldn’t finish it all! If you appreciate America’s style of thick, fluffy pancakes. This will be the breakfast for you.

I have to also say, I usually think these breakfasts sound weird – a random combination – and I was very impressed with my first actual try.


The word for this pizza has to be incredible, because that’s all I could say through the meal. Just LOOK at this pizza.


Coming to this restaurant was a step into the wild side for Jake and me. It is completely plant based and in all honesty, I had little expectation. It wasn’t bias or the unwilling to try vegan food, but I thought the pizza would just be, well, your average slice. Thank you, Purezza, for proving us both wrong! This pizza was just… INCREDIBLE. I can’t describe it more than that. Perhaps it was the sourdough, the odd concoction of ingredients, or the magic of a pizza oven. Who knows, not I. What I can ultimately confirm though, is this was the best pizza I have ever eaten. AND it was my favourite meal over the whole of my Brighton trip. If you go, this is a restaurant you NEED to try – no matter what your daily eating style is.

Donatello’s – INVITING

This Italian themed restaurant was recommended by a couple of fellow foodies. Whether it was my inability to make a decision, or the fact I was already completely stuffed with food, I can safely say this was my least favourite meal.


No, I’m not going to give a bad review. Like I said, I wasn’t hungry and felt this played a huge part in my dissatisfaction. The only picture I *remembered to* capture was of my starter – a vegetable soup. This was delicious and I was extremely grateful for the simplicity, warmth and vegetable-goodness it emanated. If I had stopped here, I would have been completely happy! But I pushed to have a king prawn and rice dish too, even though I was WAY too stuffed (genius work Hannah!).

Just because I don’t want to leave a negative review (the restaurant and service was lovely and I really do believe the downfall was all to do with me!), I shall also mention that Jake had the sea bass for his main and thoroughly enjoyed his meal.

Boho Gelato – STUPENDOUS

Also on a recommendation, we stopped at Boho Gelato to see what variety of ice cream they had. Ice cream is one of my favourite foods and Boho did not disappoint. I struggled to choose which flavours, ending up with an espresso and a raspberry and coconut mix. Although the prices were marginally high for a seaside ice cream, the serving made me very happy and the flavours were stupendous.


Lucky Beach – SWEET

The romantic appeal of Lucky Beach was that it sits on the beach overlooking the shingles and sea. There’s the sweet scent of salt surrounding you which defines any seaside town for me. Unfortunately we experienced slightly bad service, BUT the waiter was very kind to notice this and apologised profusely.


Nevertheless, the food did not deter from excellent. The portion was small and sweet, just what I needed before the long drive home (lasting three and a half hours this time).I had a chocolate brioche French toast, with salted caramel and caramelised banana. Plus an orange juice, although they also had an option for unlimited coffee. I had already taken the free coffee at the hotel and wanted to be able to sleep easily that night, so missed my opportunity to take the advantage.


Say I go to Brighton again – *very tempting* – Are there any places you would recommend? I hope you enjoyed this different post from me (even if you just scrolled through the pictures!). Next week will be back to normal with philosophy and writing while I prepare some more lifestyle videos… but until then, take care everyone.


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