Casting Jonbenet

The 2017 documentary Casting Jonbenet takes a new approach to conventional crime documentary: Less about fact and more about react.

At the sound of a clapperboard, we are introduced to the group of actors and actresses preparing to put themselves into the mind of several murder suspects. Created through their opinions are the footsteps once taken for the first time. Each piece of evidence is a sculptor of personal belief. The words are an echo of a dark past, though not necessarily a true account.

The facts, as much as each individuals tears, are tarnished ripples. Conspiracy is high in essence. Who killed Jonbenet? is still a question with a chilling tone. For someone who doesn’t know much of the case I see the emotion it brings to those that do. How each actor and actress is a completely different person under the skin of her parents, her brother, and the many others.

What strikes me is the excessive exposure of the mum and the absolute absence of any word from Jonbenet herself. Closer to reality; the theatrical recollection is not alike a normal production. One in which you can see but do not have to believe. Actually it’s rather difficult to know you are watching the aftermath of a girls decease – a girl who once drew the same air you do. Why most of all does the image of her dancing around that house in her ghostly light stay with me?

In any case there is always two people who know unrequited truth – the victim and the culprit. But the only one who would speak it is the one who can’t.

Perhaps being based away from the physicality of evidence is off-putting for some, but I would definitely recommend spending time to watch this stylistic take on documentary. People too often let their logic interfere with their heart.




I hope you enjoyed this short review! If you also watched ‘Casting Jonbenet’, comment your thoughts, or post your response and link down below, for us all to read.

What do you think I should watch next?


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