My Favourite Lunch

It has occurred to me that this is a little bit of an odd post, but I hope you enjoy the pictures at least…

In our town we have a Farm shop that sources a ton of local food. Within the last year they took a dramatic change and revamped the café area. I started going at the end of last year when my mum invited me for breakfast. By golly is it glorius. The atmosphere is my cup of coffee – you are seated in a conservatory type of room (but huge!) with views of the greenhouses. It’s lively – and oh so popular – but not necessarily headache inducing. Then there’s the menu which I have now had time to explore semi-thoroughly. And I have come to the conclusion that the Ploughman’s Lunch is the best thing EVER.

Really it’s not uncommon for me to love this meal. The elder people in my family (mum, dad, uncle etc.) have fond memories of me only asking for “cheese, pickle and dip” for lunch as a child. None of us remember/know what ‘dip’ meant (!) but the rest was  just a cheese and pickle sandwhich – obviously the basis of a ploughman, minus the salad. Anyway, back to the topic:

The Ploughman’s Lunch at the Farm Shop is absolutely stuffing and oh so delicious I crave it just about all the time! It comes with everything you can see below –

A cob, butter, cheese, salad, coleslaw, chutney, apple, grapes, pork pie and crisps

JUST LOOK AT IT! To me, that is perfection.

The best thing about it is that you could easily recreate this at home (even though everything taste better when someone else made it, right?!). At least that’s what justified me sharing these pictures from last Sunday with you!

So I might as well ask, what’s your favourite lunchtime meal? Because I will have to try something else at some point. *weep*.


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Lunch

  1. My! This do looks delicious! I really want to try it now.
    I love when they bring this plate full of things and you can try it all and put it all together or just eat one at a time. When you do it at home it just doesn’t look as beautiful
    And I don’t think I have a favorite lunchtime meal but if it counts I have been craving for banana and almond pancakes with yogurt and fruits. It’s pure heaven (and somewhat healthy)


    1. That sounds delicious – of course it counts 😛 you should try a ploughmans, it still tastes fabulous even if it doesn’t look as fancy !


  2. Oooh, it looks delicious! My favorite lunchtime meal is probably avocado sandwiches. It might sound a little strange, but they are so good!

    ~ Pip

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