Closing June’s Chapter

June, although I did nothing spectacular, was overall an amazing month. I only wish I could say why!

IMG_1884 (2)In England we were blessed with beautiful summer weather which provided lots of opportunity to laze about. Amongst all this my creativity was peaking and I now have a few exciting ideas to try in coming chapters. I think in particular, my YouTube game has ever so slightly risen. Though this is a huge step of progress for me! I’ve been quietly content with the videos going up and the small yet positive feedback I’ve received.

So far this year I have not taken a single day off from my full time job and I’m now eagerly awaiting being at the airport on my way to California. The July Chapter – which will be super short, super soon – will explain more about my plans. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic to be going.

This month’s vlog is simply a collage of clips from June as I did nothing with a strict narrative – while I was editing I found it rather funny that all I appear to have done is eat! Here’s the video, just to give this post a little more oomph:

Last but definitely not least, I am so proud to say this is the first month (in nine) that I have had a view on my blog every single day – whether I post or not. So I really want to end this month by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who is continuing to read. I’m very aware I am not going to be a one hit wonder and I will be grinding for a very long time before becoming a respected author/writer. Nevertheless I am so grateful to you all for being with me at the very start of my journey. I really hope one day we all look back together and agree it’s been a crazy, happy time reaching our dreams.

Sending so much love to you all! –


3 thoughts on “Closing June’s Chapter

    1. It was amazing but I completely forgot to mention meeting you guys through the typewriter project! D’oh! That was of course a huge highlight for me 😘

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