The Productivity Hour

Another lunch related post? You bet. Because I was pondering it this morning and decided this would either be an entertaining, or useful post to share with you!

As a full-time and part-time employee in two different jobs, I’m always finding ways to make time for my blog/social sites. Needless to say, it is super stressful to leave everything last minute and that is exactly what I’ve fallen victim to the last couple of days. When this happens I will usually turn to my lunch hour to relieve some of the weight. There are surprisingly quite a few things I can get done without the use of my home laptop – which can then be saved for the more timely jobs such as editing videos or novel writing.

Of course it’s important to actually eat on your break too (health comes first!) but these are some of the things I also do when I’m feeling more productive:

  • Write – anything. Scripts for videos, fiction/poems, novel ideas, blog posts…
  • Brainstorm video ideas – because everyone knows I need all the time I can get for this one!
  • Read.
  • ^^ Similarly catch up on blogs I follow.
  • Plot future projects…
  • Scroll social media (more important than you think! – it’s good for staying in tune with trends and connecting with writers/bloggers/readers and can be stress-relieving if you’re already busy enough in your job life)

Thanks for reading this, once again, odd post… Hopefully the above notes will help to improve your writing in some form. Or if not, I hope you at least enjoyed reading!

Take care everyone,


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