Memories of Me

As I’m uploading this, I have been really awful at blogging this week and I’m sorry for missing TWO uploads! Procrastination has been my worst enemy which isn’t so great when you are preparing to leave the country… Anyway, here I am and as I’ve been sorting through things I have found lots of little things with big meanings around my room. It has inspired me to share them with you.

Firstly the idea came when I found my first camera. I believe I had it as a gift when I was twelve from my grandparents. It was the first year I discovered YouTubers and I was absolutely enamoured by the idea of vlogging life so that everything could be remembered. (At the time I had once tried to explain this feeling to my friend but she didn’t really get it!) Mostly I took pictures which are still dotted around random photo albums, but the videos I had are lost unfortunately. Though I think this has saved me a little heart-warming embarrassment.

Kind of linked to this was coming across all our old VHS tapes, some with home videos. I absolutely love watching them because they cheer me up mega amounts. I always blame my dad’s excessive recording of our childhood for my fascination with vlogging culture. You can hear me in some videos begging to use the camera myself – the answer is usually no!

As well as videos/DVDs, there was also my massive hoard of books… I’ve planned to share some of my favourites in a separate post coming on Wednesday. Look out for it!

I also got the chance to go through all my notebooks. I’m very good at notebooks. There’s always been one in my school/handbag since I was in secondary school so I can be prepared when inspiration hits. [Would anyone be interested in a blog post about notebook keeping? I’ve been pondering it a while…] One of them contained really early ideas I had for a story I am now writing for publication. Even though it has changed so much, it was quite fun seeing what I first thought of my characters and direction.

These are things still relative to my personality now, but there was also memories I’ve left way behind. Such as my love for horses (which was the genre of many of the books that I mentioned hoarding); of course I still love them but I’m not as involved with them anymore. Regardless, there is a huge box full of rosettes and showing gear, pictures and diaries… It’s hard to believe that was once me. It feels a lifetime away.

You may know I’m rather into my clothes too. These are something else I’ve been sorting and attempting to minimise. It’s a little ridiculous, but I do get quite emotionally attached to some clothes, although I have done very well at getting rid of most of them. One dress I just can’t part with is the one I wore when we had a private send off for my Nanny. That was a sad moment, but preceding it was one of the best holidays I have ever had and that whole week is just magic to me – I have kept the dress.

I think that is perhaps enough for today. Soon I will be on my way to California to create more memories. While I’m away there will be some scheduled posts going up – a little more light hearted than this one! So even though I may not be able to keep track of the blogosphere (though I will try my best) I will still be here and also updating twitter and instagram as I go (links on the right).

Have a great start to summer everyone!




4 thoughts on “Memories of Me

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    I’m having a little bit of a nightmare tonight, and unfortunately the blog post I was preparing isn’t quite ready… *sigh*. But although it’s a little bit of a cheat, I thought I would share this blog post I made recently instead. I’m still pretty busy sorting the things I was back in July. Curse my excellent procrastination! I’ll be back tomorrow with a shiny new blog post. Until then, take care everyone x


    1. Hey Pip! Oh I just meant my mums mum! We called her Nanny instead of Granny/Grandma – they’re the same thing in U.K. πŸ˜› I’m going to Sacramento but will also be visiting San Francisco!

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