Writing Poetry

“Become so practiced in a skill people can only put it down to luck or talent.”

 I love to write poetry. In fact, to my utter surprise, it has become the focus for me sharing any of my fiction on YouTube. (If you have never seen my videos, I would really appreciate the view and especially the subscribe!) Creating a visual and aural representation of my writing really thrills me. 

Here’s how I do it:

 1. I don’t read posts like these. If there is any form of writing in which you can create your own law – it’s poetry. Don’t be fooled into thinking there’s a formula.

 2. Possibly the most annoying style of writing for me: free form. (I’m too much of a perfectionist!) But the easiest way to poetry is to just write the first thing that comes to your head. Refining can come after.

 3. Poetry is a way of telling a secret without revealing what it is. It’s really nice to hear people enjoying what I write or create, but poetry is slightly different. I don’t feel it’s essential for people to understand – and maybe it’s better if you don’t sometimes… Of course any positive comments are greatly appreciated still!

Hopefully, despite my first point, you will have found this post helpful. >Here< is the link to my YouTube if you would like to see my “poetry in motion”. I do have a blog category too for those who prefer to read!


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