Closing July’s Chapter

Where did July EVEN go? Or is that just me?

Of course the pinnacle of this month was travelling to America, where I’m sure time is ten times quicker than in England… I barely know where to begin telling this story.



Stepping into America was daunting and much more different to England than I imagined. But generally, where I was at least, the reality was better. Even though every road looked like a motorway, there were never a moment I couldn’t see nature. Whether it was a singly planted tree to a deep stretching forest; rocks to pebbles to sand; or lakes as clear as the air.



While time ran away from us we lazed around restaurants and malls and pools. We also attempted a marathon of Harry Potter, but only made it to the beginning of The Goblet of Fire. Though unproductive, the time we spent was happy and therefore, not wasted.



My favourite part, by far, was our trip to San Francisco. I am not a city person, but I think this may have been the most beautiful place I have ever seen! We walked from Alamo Square to the Palace of Fine Arts to the Golden Gate Bridge. That, for the record, is a very long journey (and I definitely don’t recommend doing it while desperate for the toilet because there are none ANYWHERE) but made the views oh so more rewarding.



We sat at Golden Gate for a while, partly because our legs by now were considering falling off. Partly, because it’s an incredible sight. Note to self, definitely go back to do a boat trip! The one that caught my attention takes you for an in depth look at Alcatraz – but it only runs at certain times of the year…

Still we walked further, in search of food now and naturally took course to Girrahdeli square. To the best surprise, their famous hot fudge sundae was on offer – half price. Oh YES.



It was sickly but amazing!

From there we visited Lombard Street and the Bay Bridge from a high view.

In the evening we attended a baseball game. San Fran Giants vs Pittsburg Pirates. I wasn’t a fan before, but obviously I rooted for Giants and was very lucky to see them win. Definitely something I could get into. The atmosphere is fun and cozy and they have good hotdogs: So win win.



What I haven’t mentioned so far is the weather. For reference, where I was initially in California was super hot – between 30 and 40 Celsius. San Fran is much more alike England with generally cooler temperatures. In fact we were told several times we had picked a ‘good day’ to go in terms of weather, as everything was bright and clear and fog is pretty much the norm.



The next day we stayed central and mooched around shops. FYI if you love Urban Outfitters, as I very much do, the San Fran shop has six floors of heaven!

To summarise San Fran: I would go back at every chance. There’s probably a lot more to see too.



My last couple of days in July the jet lag was REAL. The tiredness is pretty alike usual, but I’ve also felt sick and have rejected writing in all honesty for not wanting to be in front of a screen. Hence the late post…



July, you were a bitter sweet month. Sweet in exploring and bitter in returning. I will admit that I’ve been pretty sad to be back to my normal everyday, or perhaps the right word is discontent. Since coming home I can’t help but long for a change. I’m not sure what, but I want it to be BIG. To throw myself into a wilderness and get lost for a while.

Then again, let’s just get back to writing first…

I hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far. Link your diary posts in the comments and share your chapters, I’d love to read them!




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