The Three Meetings

One of my habits, not necessarily good or bad, is to watch my favourite TV shows repeatedly instead of finding new ones. Despite them being constant favourites, I don’t remember quite every little detail: Sometimes a faded scene will pop up and surprise me, most of the time reminding me why I loved the show in the first place!

This happened recently as I was re-watching Boys over Flowers (BOF)… Apart from entertaining all emotions, BOF also teaches many a valuable lesson. For example, the symbolism behind the Lotus Flower I wrote about >here< recently is mentioned a few times.

Another is what I’m coining ‘The Three Meetings”. After a quick google search I haven’t found a source or whether this is a popular Eastern philosophy, but either way it is definitely worth knowing. (Actually all google gave me on the matter was a ‘Lee Min Ho’ fan blog, which was very nice to look at, but not so useful!)

Here in my own words, is the quote:

The worst kind of meeting is between two fish. When they meet, their horrible fishy smell is amplified and grows stronger the longer they are together, causing discontent and discomfort to those around them.

The meeting to be most cautious of is the flower. While it is nurtured it blooms into something beautiful, but as soon as it wilts it will easily be discarded.

The most precious meeting is with a handkerchief, because a handkerchief is always there to wipe sweat when you have persevered, and tears when you are sad.

To me, if not just an interesting anecdote, this teaching is a wonderful reminder that relationships should not be forged on the promise of gain. Whereas the fish causes anger and the flower is accepted only for it’s attraction, a handkerchief is there simply to make life more peaceful.

I hope you enjoyed this little segment! I’d be really interested to know, which ‘meetings’ do you find most common? Here’s my fingers crossed that this blog is always a handkerchief to you.




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