What am I writing?

You may notice there’s a page on this blog called Projects. If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry you’re not missing anything. It’s empty! 

But soon, soon I will have something to add! My plan for this page was to summarise larger series and share work I have done on other platforms, which is still going to happen. For now, however, with the lack of content on that page and the couple of uploads I’ve missed, I thought I would update you with what I’m currently working on.


There is of course, this blog and the usual two uploads a week. I’m focusing on really crafting my niche at the moment – I just call it a ‘writing blog’ because I am definitely not able to officially name it an ‘authors blog’. My blog has reached a really nice point, where I know which readers are going to return and what they would individually like to see. It’s been really exciting and I do think of those people when I upload, hoping they will read and enjoy it.


Just a side note, if anyone else is considering focusing on a writing/author niche – Writers to Writers are posting a really helpful series >here< at the moment. I’m absolutely loving the advice.


Behind the scenes I’m also planning for ‘Blogtober’ (uploading every day in October) to celebrate my blogs first birthday – already! These types of series is what I had in mind for my projects page… I’ve surprised myself and been able to think of lots of ideas I think will be really fun to write.


And then there’s my novel. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, or whether you have guessed there’d be one, but at the moment I’m really inspired and almost have a complete first draft. It’s slightly taken over all other projects, hence the lazy uploading! Anyway, there’s that out in the open now. Hopefully I can keep updating you and maybe share a publishing experience (if it happens!)? I have a feeling a lot of you would be interested in that. Although that could be a while from now. *Baby steps.*


Apart from that, I’m also focusing on other platforms. Similarly to my blog, I’m currently focusing on crafting my YouTube content. It’s slowly becoming a really fun hobby and I would really like to keep practicing to get better at it! There will be more detail on that in a podcast-style video tomorrow. All links to my other platforms (Instagram, Twitter etc.) can be found in the sidebar to the right.


I hope I didn’t bore you too much with this post! Thank you so much for your support as always and I will write to you again soon,

4 thoughts on “What am I writing?

  1. I love reading your blogs, you never bore me. You have a beautiful way with words and I wish you every success in whatever you do. A novel hey, wow, your childhood dream almost a reality. Never give up on your dreams my darling girl and please never give up on your writing, you are amazing. One very proud mum. Xxxx


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