Freaks and Geeks

For a while I have been trying to compile a list of new stories I have come across lately.  Reviews have been rare on this blog recently, and they’re definitely something I want to become more frequent. Alas, for this month there is just one name that keeps coming back:

Freaks and Geeks.

I found this on Netflix at the start of July. Honestly, the only initial attraction was to the fact the programme is from the 90s, and while digging through boxes of old memories I was in a nostalgic mood. But thankfully my view was worth it. The programme is filled with awkward characters, which continue to be relevant to modern teenage-hood. There’s a rawness to the footage that screams home videos (though the programme is well structured). All at once I can be thankful for my school experience knowing it was somewhat similar – and not how I, slightly ignorant and slightly informed, know to be the modern business of education.

Dare I say I missed it for just a second, knowing my friends and what fun we had?

The programme made me laugh. I don’t remember about crying, but it’s probable ~ I cry at everything. ~ You were definitely taken through the ups and the downs, including the classic themes of relationships and drugs. In summary, if you really love the young adult genre, you will fit in with Freaks and Geeks.

OH, and there’s a young James Franco, Jason Segel and Seth Rogen. Point set.

If you’re ready to take a deep breath and accept you will be living in the past for 18 episodes, I would recommend you to watch IMMEDIATELY.

Now I’m left to question: What should I watch next?



6 thoughts on “Freaks and Geeks

  1. I loved Freaks and Geeks! It’s a great show. I find it so sad though that I come across like one great show once in a blue moon, I binge watch it for a couple of weeks and then I’m left with a bunch of rubbish shows that I can’t get through the first episode 😂

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