Blog names – a discussion

Since joining Twitter, I have found a whole new world of blogs. If you are looking to connect with all sorts of writers, bloggers and general creatives, I would highly recommend creating an account. My feed is full of simple retweets from the awesome things I find, but even simply sharing what I love has helped me connect with interesting people.

That seems like a tangent compared to this posts title, and while it’s true I am taking a moment to shamelessly self-promote, this is going somewhere.

Being exposed to all these blogs, has naturally left me exposed to all the different blog names – and this is what I wanted to open a discussion about.

When I first chose ‘Light Writes’, I pretty much picked the first name that stuck in my head! While I still love this name, sometimes I wonder whether my own name would suffice and be a better representation of myself. Perhaps ‘Light Writes’ has become a bit vague and lacks my direction?

A LOT of blogs I have seen – particularly in my niche – tend to use the writers name in some way, if not just being that name. The simplicity of this idea has grown on me.

I’d love to hear your opinions: What blog names are your favourite? How did you decide on yours? 

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