The Petscop Mystery

Did you ever spend countless and happy childhood hours playing Petscop: The game created in 1997 by Garalina. Playstation One. The aim to collect Pets by solving puzzles in the Gift Plane, an unfinished and dark mess of a virtual world?

Didn’t think so.

Because the only documentation of this game exists on a YouTube channel, played by who we can only assume to be ‘Paul’. In short, it’s a creepy (gaming) pasta – my FAVOURITE kind – running over ten episodes of let’s play uploaded earlier this year. Recently, it has become something of a theorists dream within the YouTube community. With just subtle hints stemming from the pixels and the dialogue (IF, Paul is even talking to us), a narrative of true tragedy is formed.

Just how are the best stories told? Through Blogs? Through video? Through word of mouth?

Or from nowhere? Simply captured in the dreams of a life.

To learn more about this game, I would highly recommend Pyrocynical’s video. The link below will lead you to it. I will warn you though, a mystery this large requires 1 hour and 21 minutes – you may want to grab some coffee first.

I also have to caution, the game has an underlying horror that becomes very apparent in the above video. I can only regret to tell you it’s a true story and what makes this game all the more interesting. The game appears to comment on a particular form of therapy called ‘rebirthing’, where the simulation of being born is created in order to reaffirm attachments. The child is bound in sheets and pushed on my multiple adults, while they fight to become free – or “born”. In one case, this form of therapy lead to the death on ten year old Candace Newmaker,

If you want to learn about the event, here’s the links to some information: – (transcript of the video evidence)

The layers of this horror are what pushed me to share this post. The last words of that young girl absolutely haunt me. Going from wanting to live, to wanting to die.

Apologies if this post took too dark a turn for some. On the surface, what writers can really appreciate is the depth put behind such a simple narrative. I thought this would be something different as well as interesting to share, and I hope in some way you can enjoy it.

Let me know what you think of the Petscop mystery below.



6 thoughts on “The Petscop Mystery

    1. I was really trying to be enthusiastic about the game without being insensitive to the topic 😬 I’m still watching theory videos, and Game Theorists suggest whoever uploaded the videos wanted to make sure the event wasn’t forgotten, as the people running the “therapy” would have been released this year, if they did their whole sentence. It’s such a sad story – but it stuck to my mind and I couldn’t not share! Thanks so much for reading x


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