September Stories

After being MIA for days, it’s so nice to be back on my blog. I’ve been relishing in a couple of new books, writing poetry and cleaning up some stuff in general. While it’s been fun, I do feel bad for slightly abandoning you all…

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I would like to share more of what I’m currently reading/watching etc… Today I have just a few quick reviews to share, that I hope you enjoy!


The Magic Cottage, James Herbert – A psychological horror novel. James Herbert, I have recently discovered, has been named the best of British horror authors. Recommended to me by my parents, I started with ‘The Magic Cottage’. Admittedly, I couldn’t see the fuss at first. For a 300 (roughly) page novel, I only found interest after the first 100 pages. Even then, the building tension is slow progressing to the end. I have to mention and appreciate his writing style is just fabulous – writing to be lost in, feeling the characters presence around. The ending is worth it too, and I’m happy to have stuck with it. I’m looking forward to reading more! (Starting with ‘Moon’)


IT, the 2017 film remake – Do I need to tell you what this is?! It’s Stephen King, it’s fabulous. I can’t help but swoon over this amazing film! I went to see it in cinema and remember the whole film so vividly! All the small details they could create with the CGI effects – for example, the blood vessel’s of IT’s eyes bulging as they swing violently in different directions – brought Pennywise to a new level of terrifying. Not just horror, but also comedic and heart-warming, true to Stephen King’s style the film didn’t feel too far from truthful: *shivers*. I dare say it’s better than the original film and basically – YOU NEED TO SEE IT.


Am I Write?, YouTube channel – a booktuber. Why have I never discovered BookTube before?! There’s a huge community of book-lovers out there making video reviews and practically just being lovely and book-ish. (Did I mention there’s books too?) I would recommend the channel ‘Am I Write?’, for her lovely style and enthusiasm for the books she reads. The reviews are simply passionate, less than critical, and make for supremely relaxed viewing. Highly recommend delving into this community.


What have you been loving recently?

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