Blogosphere Magazine

This one’s for all my crazy blog writers, because your content is just as valuable as any other.

At the end of last year I came across this gorgeous magazine, when I was looking for ways to improve my blogging and also delve into the community. After reading quite a few reviews and exploring Blogosphere’s own social platforms, I took the plunge and subscribed.

All the reviews I’d seen were glowing, so I was pretty confident this was gonna be awesome – but there’s nothing quite like experiencing something for yourself.

When I received my first copy (Issue 11), the package was notably heavy and caused an excited rising of goosebumps. Blogosphere, as it goes, are CHAMPIONS of content! Yes it is a magazine, but really it’s a huge anthology.

On first sight, you can see the amount of love put into each page. The pictures a glossy sheen of perfection, the content chosen with care. A magazine created by bloggers, with hearts tended to other bloggers.

Basically, it’s everything you want in a blogging magazine.

But is it just that? Oh no.

Blogosphere are wonderful at putting the vitual world into print, but they also take the virtual world into life itself. With community a sole focus, Blogosphere host a number of events any blogger can attend. I can’t unfortunately, tell you what that’s like firsthand. But one quick glance through their social pages and you will see the amount of fun everyone has! (One day I will be there too – one day!)

Even if you can’t make it to live events, their Twitter chats and Instagram live sessions are immense. Everyone is involved and happy to help. Blogosphere have been extremely successful in creating a large, yet positive community.

What makes me happiest, is that everyone involved with Blogoshpere is clearly passionate and motivated to make it work. They’re all for quality being priority – and that’s a lesson all creative’s can take!

If you would like to look further into the magazine, I would suggest hopping over to Blogosphere’s socials:

Twitter: @BlogosphereM

Instagram: blogosphere_magazine


YouTube: Blogosphere Magazine
I truly love and recommend this magazine to everyone!

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