Why I want to Blog

I’m not sure I have ever spoken about this before – in depth anyway! 

The first time I discovered people blogging I was twelve, and the first person I found was Bubzbeauty: http://www.bubzbeauty.com/. I remember being so mesmerised by the new online culture that was developing. To me these young adults, just creating content in bedrooms for fun, were amazingly cool. I can remember rambling on to my friends that this was the best thing ever, but they weren’t as convinced as I was!

My initial attraction was with all the memories these people were creating. Imagine your whole life documented and kept in pixels for you to look back on time and time again. Being so forgetful myself, I couldn’t think of anything more fun and wonderful. The next year I received my first camera as a Christmas present and tried to film and take as many photos as possible. Of course I then discovered it wasn’t as easy as I imagined, and my little self conscious self found it difficult recreate the things I wanted.

Over time the culture has changed so much: it’s no longer just a hobby. Jobs have been built, whole lives portrayed to thousands – millions – of strangers, people are living out their dreams everyday. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t consider this “real”.

When I left school, I saw blogging as an opportunity to break into the written world. Why I had never thought of this before, who knows, and I do have little inclings of regret for never having started as soon as I wanted. This little space on the internet was going to be my way of living out my writing dreams.

If you also blog, you will know there’s a lot more to it. The emotions are intense: passion, determination, persistence, perfectionism: and most importantly it’s fun. I want to blog because it’s fun

The biggest benefit is all of you – if I didn’t want people to read my writing, this blog wouldn’t be public – I’m very blessed and grateful to have such amazing readers.

I love you, a lot!

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