Favourite Indoor Activities

As the weather gets colder and colder, I am definitely looking forward to spending more cozy nights indoors. Honestly I’m not the most outdoorsy person anyway, so I have a few ways of keeping myself entertained. I hope you enjoy getting to know them and perhaps gaining a little inspiration, if you’re one to miss the summer weather…


Although first, this is not necessarily my absolute favourite. However, if I’m going to be indoors I do want to be surrounded by loveliness. I find putting on a podcast and cleaning away is pretty relaxing. 

But I do just mean cleaning. Tidying, is the worst.


When cleaning and tidying get boring, my favourite way of procrastinating is to dance! I’m usually listening to indie bands and it’s a great way of moving around without having to leave the house or go to the gym.

Taking a Bath

Of course the weather is going to keep getting colder for some time – my favourite way of warming up is to take a nice bath with all the soap and glory. 


It’s relaxing, it’s fun and you can do it anywhere! Do I need to explain more? 

Most people, in my opinion, regret not reading more. With all the dark evenings, this is a chance to grasp with both hands.

Netflix or DVDs

As well as reading, now is also the chance to binge TV shows. I’m not impartial to a good DVD either, and with Halloween approaching it’s an excuse for me to watch so many Horrors. 

Netflix is pretty close to my heart for all its random programmes. I’d like to get watching some new ones – any recommendations?


OK, OK – I don’t bake really. But I love the thought of it. Plus anything you can bake is likely to go with a nice hot drink to warm you up, so what’s not to like? I’ll take a cappuccino.

Maybe I’ll aim to bake something at least by the end of the year…
What’s your favourite evening activity?

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