Horror Story

Happy Friday 13th!

In my opinion, it only takes half an hour to tell whether you are going to enjoy a horror film. Unless, of course, the story makes a dramatic change part way through, such as in the Silenced. But there seem to be few exceptions to the rule.

Half an hour ago I began watching Horror Story (on Netflix) and thought I would quickly share my first impression.

For a horror film, I have to admit the cinematography is gorgeous. There’s a lot more scenic shots than your average horror and I like the detail that’s been put in. Focusing on each characters personality, so far the film has guided us to the first point of horror, where the first person has met their fate and everyone finally believes the ghost is real.

The realism is refreshing from those characters who freak at a pan falling (I’m looking at you Paranormal activity).

Everything so far has been rationalised, although there are strange things happening successively. It made the first shock all the better, as you weren’t quite sure whether it would be quite believable.

Overall, I’m quite relaxed watching this film at the moment (though it could be the tiredness – haha!). Tomorrow I will update my review once I’ve got on board with the whole story.

What Friday 13th horrors are you enjoying? I still need suggestions for Halloween too πŸ‘»

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