Horror Story #2

Yesterday I uploaded a review after watching only 30 minutes of the film, Horror Story. Straight after publishing I continued with the rest of the film, and have returned to verify whether my first impression was correct.
Read my first impression >here<

In short, the answer would be yes! The film continued to be cinematic and shocking, but now we moved to the scary part. As it started, the film still moved rather quickly for a horror. I like that not a lot of emphasis was put onto building tension – in a way it was less predictable as there weren’t cues from well known conventions.

Aside from the interesting film techniques, there unfortunately wasn’t much more added to the classic conventions! The unique element put into the storyline wasn’t focused enough for me, so instead it seemed a little random. More detail could have definitely been added rather than ignoring part of the anomaly until it was needed.

Nevertheless, it was enjoyable. Personally I found it quite relaxing and intriguing enough because of the nice cinematography (consequence of media studies)! I’m looking forward to watching a few more horrors while Halloween morale is here!

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