There’s a few excuses I could use for not uploading everyday for Blogtober. 

Firstly, on Saturday 21st October, I finally got sick after anticipating it for about two weeks. It wasn’t too bad; just the usual runny nose, sore throat, headache and stomach flipping ordeal. And it only lasted that day. On Sunday I took better care of myself than normal and just rested.

Work life has been busy and left me in a slightly sour mood too. I’m typing on a computer most of the day anyway, which means in my free time, the only thing I want on my screen right now is Terrace House: Aloha State. My obsession with this show also has me procrastinating frequently!

Aside from that my minds just focused on different writing tasks, which I’ll share my experience with soon. I don’t necessarily get bored easily, in the sense that I can’t entertain myself, but I do like to keep moving on to different things frequently and not have too many things hanging over my head. This wasn’t a possibility I anticipated starting Blogtober, though now I’m realising it should have been clear! Naturally I want to wait until the end of October to let you know everything I’ve learned, so I’ll stop myself going into too much detail here.

When I read back through these reasons, they start to sound like excuses. Truth is I just haven’t felt like writing – most likely because of the above point, but still. Technically I have written everyday, just not pieces I can publish here yet. I hope nobody starts thinking worse of my blog because of it.

With one week to go, I would like to put a slight pressure on myself to finish Blogtober and post for the remaining days. Even if it’s just a little something! Then I can pick up all the other stuff again…

One word at a time, writers!

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