Early for Halloween – Some Suggestions

Halloween doesn’t have to be intimidating when it comes to horror. I can’t deny promotions targeting hardcore fans are taken advantage of at this time of the year, but there are also plenty of thrilling shows that won’t keep you up at night. This week I’ve delved into the more relaxed side of horror, and formed a little list for anyone seeking a more cosy October.

I was introduced to Phillip K. Dick’s sci-fi series Electric Dreams earlier this week, with all it’s inconclusive twists and turns. Frustrating? Yes. But from the one episode I watched, it’s safe to say worth it.

Each episode has a self-contained narrative, so you can dip in and out of whichever story you like. It’s a close-to-reality horror, and more psychological.

It reminded me a lot of Black Mirror: I have seen all the current series before, but ended up watching a couple anyway! Similarly to Electric Dreams, all the episodes are self-contained narratives, so you can pick and choose which order to watch. Also similar in theme, Black Mirror focuses on the implications future technologies could bring us through bizarre storylines. Just a warning if you decide to watch, Season 1 Episode 1 is one of the strangest – definitely don’t be put off by it!

Of course the cinema is also riddled with horror at the moment, and call me crazy but; my very subjective opinion says Jigsaw is a pretty amazing recommendation. I haven’t seen this yet and I don’t plan to until it’s released from cinemas, but if the current franchise is anything to go from: I find if you can get past the gore, the rest of the film really isn’t that scary – and if you think that makes it boring, Saw’s well thought and shocking storyline is what keeps it so close to my heart. I’ve recommended and fawned over it countless times.

What else? I already reviewed Netflix’s the Babysitter, and stand by  it’s surprising quality.

Reading wise, I always find Stephen King’s Night Shift easy to slot in now and again. This collection even includes shortened versions of his classics, so it’s great for breaking into his writing. They don’t disappoint at all.

I’ve also just knocked back the first three episodes of Stranger Things Season Two and so far there are no disappointments! By the time you’ve read this post you most likely have finished – Let me know what you think!

What is everyone else watching/reading this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Early for Halloween – Some Suggestions

  1. Sooo excited to watch Stranger Things season 2! I don’t like horror at all, but I quite like sci-fi and that show is just beautifully made 🙂 thanks for the recommendations, they all seem really helpful! xx


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